EuroMedLab 2019 | Workshop | Plasma Calprotectin
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EduWorkShop at EuroMedLab 2019

Plasma Calprotectin workshop - promising early biomarker for diagnosis of bacterial infections and sepsis

EduWorkShop at EuroMedLab 2019

Gentian is looking forward to welcome you to our Educational Workshop at EuroMedlab 21st May 2019, 16:00-17:00, in Barcelona.

Come to learn more about Calprotectin, and discuss Calprotectin as a promising early biomarker for diagnosis of bacterial infections and sepsis.

The workshop

Plasma Calprotectin: A promising early biomarker for the diagnosis of bacterial infections and sepsis.

This educational workshop focuses on the role of calprotectin in early diagnosis of bacterial infections and its performance in differentiation between sepsis and non-infectious causes of systemic inflammation.

Diagnosis of severe infections and sepsis: Challenges with current biomarkers

By Jordi Rello, MD, PhD (Spain)

Calprotectin as a risk marker in emergency department patients with acute dyspnea

By Toralph Ruge, MD, PhD (Sweden)

Plasma Calprotectin:
A promising early biomarker for the diagnosis of bacterial infections and sepsis

Educational WS @ EuroMedlab 21st May 2019 16:00-17:00.

Early diagnosis: bacterial or viral infection?

The rapidly growing problem with antibiotic resistance has resulted in demands for more specific and restrictive use of antibiotics. Biomarkers with ability to diagnose an infection in early stage and distinguish between bacterial and viral infection can possibly reduce overuse of antibiotics.

Importance of early response to bacterial infections

Calprotectin is released upon activation of neutrophils [1] as a part of the early response to bacterial infection. The ability to predict and detect an infection as early as possible, can:

  • aid in a therapeutic decision making
  • add information about diagnosis and risk stratification, which again can
    • reduce the morbidity and mortality
    • improve patient outcome.

Differentiate between SIRS and sepsis

This is especially important in the differentiation between systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis. An early diagnosis of sepsis, and hence an early onset of the appropriate therapy is crucial for the patient outcome [2, 3].

Rapid turn around time

The rapid turn-around-time of a plasma/serum calprotectin test based on the Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric method combined with the early release of calprotectin upon inflammation and/or infection suggest that calprotectin is a promising biomarker with widespread clinical use.

Contact us

Interested to participate in our workshop about Plasma Calprotectin at EuroMedLab? Contact us through the form below and one of our Product Managers will contact you shortly.

EuroMedLab Workshop


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