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Gentian hosted a successful workshop for Calprotectin at EuroMedLab 2019 in Barcelona

Gentian hosted a successful workshop for Calprotectin at EuroMedLab 2019 in Barcelona

Moss, 24.05.2019

Gentian Diagnostics AS is pleased to proclaim its successful participation at the 23rd IFCC-EFLM
European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, EuroMedLab 2019 in Barcelona,

Gentian hosted the Educational Workshop “Plasma Calprotectin: a promising early biomarker for diagnosis of bacterial infections and sepsis.”. The workshop was well attended, and two speakers were invited, Dr. Jordi Rello, MD, PhD (Spain) and Dr. Toralph Ruge, MD, PhD (Sweden). Dr. Aleksandra Havelka, PhD (Sweden) presented Dr. Ruge’s talk.

The talks discussed calprotectin and other biomarkers’ role in diagnosis of severe infections and sepsis. The presentations showed studies and results supporting the ability of calprotectin to discriminate patients with acute infections from patients with other states of inflammatory responses, including patients with heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma presented in the emergency department setting.

Please see the enclosed announcement for additional information: 2019 05 Euromedlab PRL

For further information, please contact:

Hilja Ibert CEO, Gentian Diagnostics AS
+47 919 05 242

Njaal Kind CFO, Gentian Diagnostics AS
+47 919 06 525

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